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Book Hooker

In a bizarre twist on mangling the meaning of writing a book — “author” Philip Parker now claims “writing” over 200,000 books — using computers as a co-author and Amazon’s Vanity Press as his publisher.

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Is Stealing Ever Good?

Is there ever a time when stealing is good?

Yes, the inspired stealing of imagination should always be encouraged.

There is no unoriginal theft left.

Some call stealing inspiration, but if you see or experience something and then change or employ those experiences in your life — you have effectively borrowed and stolen the thoughts of others and I wholly encourage that effort.

I am not condoning plagiarism, but I am supporting the opportunity to consider and use ideas that are not your own because there are no original thoughts left in the world.

We are ignited by the shared memories of others and we must honor the covenant of those tendrilous relationships.

The theft confirms the collective genius.

The Deadly Danger of Wikipedia and Corrupt Community Research

The problem with unrestricted community involvement in online research is the great risk to truth and accuracy in the reporting. If one community member cannot be trusted, then the entire veracity of the rest of the community — guilty or not — is also placed under the microscopic and burning Panopticonic eye of doubt and disingenuousness.

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Our favorite friend/writer/raconteur Gordon Davidescu told me yesterday someone at LiveJournal stole one of his GO INSIDE Magazine articles and republished it there without our permission. Here is Gordon’s original article. Here is the theft and here is the evidence of the theft captured in a screenshot for future posterity:

Stealing from Gordon Davidescu

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ESSpa KOZMETIKA SKINCARE lifted giant chunks of quotes from a GO INSIDE Magazine review Janna Sweenie and I wrote together on Karin Herzog skincare. 

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Pop singer Cyndi Lauper’s “official” website stole an article Janna Sweenie wrote for GO INSIDE Magazine a few years back and republished the article, in full, without our knowledge or even permission to republish the article. You can see the thievery here:

You can see the original article here:

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Barnes and Noble: Plagiarists

by Joyce Kohl

Have you ever wondered where all those book reviews come from on the Barnes and Noble Website? Being somewhat naive, I thought a staff member actually read a book, then wrote a thumbnail review. Now I have my doubts. Why? When I went to the Barnes and Noble site to check the availability of one of my favorite books, I froze in shock! Barnes and Noble gets the material for the reviews any way they can – even plagiarism!

This time they had taken paragraphs from a review I wrote here in GO INSIDE Magazine on Yorkie Doodle Dandy on January 30, 1998. The theft of intellectual property owned and copyrighted is not limited to the unwary Website builder; it extends to the mammoth companies as well.

Barnes and Noble is, without a doubt, guilty of plagiarism.

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