Pay Before Pleasure

Few people understand the need for pay before pleasure.

I not talking about prostitution.

I am talking about work.

Cultural values have shifted for the worse as workers require work to be “fun” instead of hard.

Even if work is dreary, we must learn to fight through the darkness and into the light.

It is our vested interest in each other that keeps us from merely earning a living and getting a paycheck.

Through the events of shared struggled we learn the value of joy and play and satiety — but without the burdens — the lightness we seek has no bearing.

Yet Another Plum

by Janet Hanna

Someone had eaten the red plums.
Carefully, they had piled the skins
On the edge of the plate
And cleaned the seeds.
Some of the juice still clung
To the white plate
Like small, precious spots
Of dark guilt.
The blade of the knife
Had been wiped clean,
And was lying
On the other side of the table
As though trying to separate
The responsibility for its carnage
From its pleasure.
I cleaned the plate
And washed its soiled darkness,
But I didn’t touch the knife.
By Spring, its blade had rusted
And turned the color
Of yet another red plum.