Raspberry PI: Twenty-Five Dollar Computer

Portable computing has come a long way since the Compaq computer my mother used to lug around with her back and forth from work — I distinctly remember trying to lift it as a child and struggling. I believe that my mother told me at the time that it weighed nearly thirty pounds. Still it was impressive to me — that you could take a whole computer with you wherever you wanted from room to room and just plug it in and use it! As time has gone on smaller and smaller computers have come about — the smart phones of today are more clever than some of the biggest computers of twenty and thirty years ago.

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Portable Headphones Review

Portable headphones are a good way to listen to good music on the go. I’ve been trying out several headphones over the last few months to find out which fit my giant head the best and which reproduced the best sound for my sensitive ears.
I “burned-in” each of these headphones for 100 hours before listening through them. I did that by plugging each into my stereo, turning up the volume to a comfortable listening level and then taking the headphones off my head and letting the music play on without me. 

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