The Beauty of Handmade Street Signs

Gears turn, machines come alive and ink splatters over metal, making the same sign over and over again — do not park here, street sweeping, please clean after your dog… all entirely uniform and wonderful in its own way, but still lacking something. What is it lacking? You don’t really get a good feel for it until you find yourself walking down the street and see a wooden sign nailed to a street pole with a simply painted dog, a hand behind it with a broom pan and three words — “Please clean up!” The grammarian in you aches to find the creator of the sign to point out the obvious prepositional phrase issue but you are warmed by the very sight of the sign.

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No More Anonymous Posting

We have decided to require registration before you can comment on your favorite Urban Semiotic blog. Spam has been increasing a lot lately and by requiring registration we are better ensuring we know who is commenting on our articles.

If you already have a account you don’t need to do anything!

Just make sure you’re logged in before you submit a comment and you’re good to go — the first time you post a comment after registering your comment will be held in moderation. Then, once you clear moderation, you will be able to post as you wish.

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Contextual Related Posts Added

I just added the Contextual Related Posts Plugin to your favorite Urban Semiotic blog. Now when you click on a post title you can see a list of other related posts from the past down near the comments box. Fantoostic! This gives new life to forgotten thoughts and brings them up out of history to reshape the present.