Building a Boles Bookshelf

There is one undeniable delight in writing: You are able to preserve what you know, defend the facts of your knowing, reconcile the truth, and create your own bookshelf of your life’s work. There is a great moral duty and an ongoing human wondering in the task of the living author — one that must not be slighted in practice or disparaged in theory — even when the current events of the day and the damnation of history are upon us.

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Benazir Bhutto: Death of a Fool or Life of a Martyr?

Did Benazir Bhutto earn the death of a fool or the life a martyr?  Was she predestined to be cursed to an early grave from birth?

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23andMe and the Ticking Timebomb Within

Do you know there’s a ticking timebomb within you? Do you know the code to disarm the damage? Will you allow the bits of you to explode? Are you interested, at all, in trying to diffuse the inevitable?

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Round Obsession: An Edgeless Future

RoundThe other day I read an article discussing how, when architecture students are asked to design a “City of the Future,” they always draw round structures.

It seems having corners is “too old fashioned” and not “forward thinking” enough.

That design flaw — that only Round is good — is a stereotype that has been embedded in the young designers by popular culture and not by appropriate future need.

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Predestiny or Free Will?

We have nibbled around the idea of predestiny here before but I have never formally asked you outright — as I shall now — for your official answer to this inquiry:

Are our lives predestined from the moment of conception or are we creatures of free will from birth where every decision we make is ours and ours alone?