and Alumni Email

One of the newer chits college and university alumni associations offer to former students is “email for life” even if the former students attended the school in the Dark Age Before There Was Email.  The University of Nebraska-Lincoln — clearly because of their new email deal with the Microsoft devil — now finally offers a university email address that is both worthwhile and valuable.

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Princeton or Prison?

It costs a lot of money to house prisoners in cells when the idea is no longer reformation, but rather separation and dissonant punishment:

One year at Princeton University: $37,000. One year at a New Jersey state prison: $44,000.

Prison and college “are the two most divergent paths one can take in life,” Joseph Staten, an info-graphic researcher with Public Administration, says. Whereas one is a positive experience that increases lifetime earning potential, the other is a near dead end, which is why Staten found it striking that the lion’s share of government funding goes toward incarceration.

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When University Learning and Alcohol Mix

University learning is not cheap. The annual fee for attending Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey is close to thirteen thousand dollars — for New Jersey residents who commute. For Princeton University students, it’s nearly forty thousand dollars per year. Why, then, would anyone even think about throwing away all that money for the purpose of getting drunk and in serious trouble when one can get drunk while not paying for every minute of every hour of every day through the nose?

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The Appeal of Vinyl Records

I have many memories of purchasing music as a child, and all of them involved the cassette tape format. This is not to say that other formats were not available for purchase — rather, this was the only format that was both affordable to me and easy to take with me. It might seem hard to believe now in a day where you can get a digital music player with no moving parts with a twenty dollar bill and get change, but portable music players were really expensive in the 1980’s — especially to me, a child with no actual income.

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The Fender '65 Princeton Reverb Review

I am convinced our senses can heal us.  Chicken soup saves the soul.  Our eyes entertain the body.  Our ears bring us the vibrations of joy.  In my ongoing quest to find the right guitar amplifier, I thought I’d hit nirvana with Egnater Rebel 20 — but their terrible customer support was so sour that they curdled my joy.  I am happy to report today that I have found my ultimate amp in the reissue of the Fender ’65 Princeton Reverb!

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Egnater Rebel-20 Half Stack Review

If you play electric guitar, you are always searching for “that sound” that will bring joy and everlasting effervescence into your life. One of the ways to get “that sound” is to play around with various amps and speakers until you find the right fit for delighting your ear while providing the necessary goodness for your soul. The Egnater Rebel-20 Half Stack was brought to my attention as a joy-worthy amp, and this is my story of chasing that divinity.

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