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How Did I Get Over 5,505 Facebook Friends?

I am always confounded by Facebook.  The social service is always changing things behind the scenes.  Nothing I look for a second time is ever found in the same place.  I wonder if that’s done by design or sheer arrogance?

My latest confoundidery happened last week when I discovered, for some reason, I had over 5,505 friends!  You can see in today’s screenshot of my Facebook page that number has dipped to 5,501 — I lose and gain friends all day long in bunches of threes and fours for reasons I have not yet been able to divine — and I have no idea how I was able to leap over the infamous and mean Facebook 5,000 friend barrier because I haven’t actively made any friends requests in over a year.

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Why Does Gravatar Want My Google Apps Contacts?

After a successful return to from WordPress Multisite, I began rooting around the Settings and Tools and Appearance areas for my account to discover any new joys that were added during my inattention.

I found I could now add my “Google Profile” as a “verified” external service via Gravatar.  I clicked to continue to complete the verification process for my “Public Profile.”

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Eben Moglen and his Facebook Death Wish

Our beloved and respected Eben Moglen is back in the news this week.  We met Eban a year ago during his FreedomBox days:

SuperGenius Eben Moglen wants free and unfettered access to the internet and he’s putting his money where his mind is by creating the “FreedomBox” — a device that plugs into the wall and gives you unfettered and unrestricted access to the internet — to help make certain that a government cannot disconnect its people from communicating with the rest of the world during a perceived crisis.

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Your Facebook is Leaking

Did you know your Facebook privacy has been leaking?  As that social network expands to flow like a never-ending molasses across the grimacing façade of the nameless masses — suffocating us in pokes and Mafia War requests — we need to pause a moment and step back to wonder just what’s happening to us beyond the velvet curtain.

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Did Tyler Clementi Leap to His Death, or Was He Pushed?

The recent, leaping, suicide death of 18-year-old Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi from the edge of the George Washington Bridge reads like “Lori Drew: Part II” in so many sad ways.  Two Rutgers students are charged with “invasion of privacy” because they secretly streamed live internet video of Tyler making out with a guy in his dorm room.

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When Celebrities Attack Photographers

I remember when I was a child reading how actor Sean Penn had attacked a photographer at his wedding. It was big news in the day and it was news that seemed to repeat itself every time a photographer got a little too close for Penn’s comfort. Just last October, he attacked a photographer and broke his camera.  Now there is a report that American Idol contestant Adam “Glambert” Lambert got enraged when a photographer was, so to speak, doing his job — and he attacked the photographer.

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