Public Private Peer Review and Microsoft Word

If you aren’t aware by now how Microsoft Word saves all revision and review information as a matter of its default behavior, then you need to know any interaction you have with a Word document of your creation — or if you are reviewing someone else’s Word document — does not protect your identity unless you interactively remove your private information.

You can imagine how this Word feature/problem is haunting for those
unaware of its nefarious power. This Word document tracking issue
played a role in the ramp up for the War in Iraq:

Back in February 2003, 10 Downing Street published a
dossier on Iraq’s security and intelligence organizations. This dossier
was cited by Colin Powell in his address to the United Nations the same
month. Dr. Glen Rangwala, a lecturer in politics at Cambridge
University, quickly discovered that much of the material in the dossier
was actually plagiarized from a U.S. researcher on Iraq. Blair’s
government made one additional mistake: they published the dossier as a
Microsoft Word file on their Web site. When I first heard from Dr.
Rangwala about the dossier, I decided to try to learn who had worked on
the document. I downloaded the Word file containing the dossier from
the 10 Downing Street Web site ( and found the following revision log in the file…

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Jay J. Armes: Private Eye with No Hands

One of my favorite books growing up was Jay J. Armes, Investigator: The World’s Most Successful Private Eye written in 1976 and published by Macmillan. I remember holding the hardcover book in my hands and wondering how the man on the cover, Jay J. Armes, was able to shoot a gun with hooks for hands.

Jay J. Armes

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Gillette Fusion Power Review

The Gillette Fusion Power razor is the best blade shaving system ever invented! There are two new Fusion razors from Gillette. Make sure you get the POWER version because it vibrates like the historic Gillette MP3 Power razor. The Gillette Fusion Power cuts you close without giving you a moment of razor burn.

Gillette Power Fusion

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NTIA Revokes NeuStar Private .US Domain Registrations

The other day I went crazy and registered a ton of new domains and I wanted some that ended in “.us” but I was dismayed to find out from my domain registrar, Network Solutions, that “.us” domain names could not be protected via private registration. When I asked NetSol why they refused to privatize “.us” domains contact information, I was surprised to receive this reply:

Please note that the Private Registration service is not available for .US domain name registrations due to a dramatic change in the .US policy:

The United States Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has recently completed its review of anonymous domain registration services by .US Accredited Registrars. At the conclusion of this review, NTIA directed NeuStar to phase out the offering of such services by Registrars or by any of its partners or resellers … [emphasis added]”

While we do not agree with this mandate, Network Solutions will comply and no longer offer the Private Registration service for .US domain name registrations. This policy is in effect immediately and applies only to .US domain name registrations.

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