Calcification of Sorrow

Life is about letting go, starting over, and grief on the way to the grave. In between those monumental stations of human being, we endeavor to find contentment, discover joy, and save friendships from perishing. Here is how Vincent van Gogh drew to know sorrow in 1882.

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Reflections on the First World Problems Blog

While browsing the popular link aggregating site Reddit one day I found a link to a tumblr blog called “First World Problems” and while I went seeking humor I came away from the experience feeling just a little blue. I gave it a little more thought and realized we who have the ability to get to such a blog and read it are some of the more privileged in the world.

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It Stops with Me

At my favorite deli — where I get my fix for homemade beans and rice — one of the female workers always tells me the latest woes of her life as she scoops the beans over piles of rice.  I love listening to her stories because, even though they are filled with horrors and heartache, she relays the truth of her station with such strength and magnificence that you cannot help but be drawn into her plight and root
for her.

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Trouble With Technology

Technology can be a really wonderful thing – it can make our lives easier and help us do things a lot faster than if we were just sitting around with sticks and stones. The trouble with technology, however, is when it doesn’t work – as you shall see from the following ongoing ordeal that I have been having trying to get a decent quality printout. Sometimes sticks break your bones and stones shatter your spirit.

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