Autopsy of a Viral Tweet

On December 4, 2015, my Social Media world got tossed as I innocently, but rightly, Tweeted the astonishing fact that MSNBC had doxed someone — revealing identifying information about a living person — on live television during an impromptu terror tour of a suspect’s home. The person in question was Rafia Farook — mother of San Bernardino terrorist Syed Rizwan Farook. Rafia lived in the same townhouse as her son, his terrorist wife, Tashfeen Malik, and the couple’s six-month-old baby girl. Here’s an image of the Tweet I sent after my photographic capture of the MSNBC live feed:

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Shit My Dad Says: But Did Sam Halpern Say it or Not?

When people ask me the point of  Twitter, I have often pointed to the Twitter stream created by Justin Halpern in which he posts things that his father has said, verbatim.

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Banning the Celebrity Baby Wave

Today, I propose the immediate ban on any celebrity using a “Baby Wave”
— the slow opening and closing of spread fingers closing into a fist with the palm facing you — that red carpet fame carpetbaggers like Paris Hilton and Penelope Cruz and many others routinely use instead of a proper, flat-handed, wave that pivots on the wrist from a visible elbow anchored to the side of the body. In the image below, we have the perfected example of a proper Baby Wave — from Heath Ledger’s daughter Matilda— and since the Baby Wave is from a celebrity baby, we’re fine its flexing and extension.

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California Gives Manson More Life

What’s wrong with California? Last week the state released an updated mug shot of Charles Manson for the world to ponder and pick on:

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From Turf to the "Murph" Super Bowl XXXII

by Greg Schaffer

There was 17 weeks of battles fought in the trenches of synthetic turf and moistened, mud soaked, natural, grass. Graven warriors in mud clad uniforms proudly displayed their athletic prowess for hometown fans. There’s been swearing, growling, bone crunching, and spitting. Broken bones, ruptured tendons and MRIs captured the Monday morning eyes of curious fans as they briskly search the columns of their local sports page.

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