Thoughts on Charlie Sheen's Firing

When first I conceived to write this article, it was going to be my thoughts on the shortening of this latest season of Two and a Half Men. In the time since I had the idea for that article, Charlie Sheen was officially fired from the show, and the future of the show is unknown — indeed, my first draft of this article had the title “Thoughts on the Cancellation of Two and a Half Men” until I remembered that the show had not been cancelled but one of its primary actors had been removed entirely from its production.

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Pay Before Pleasure

Few people understand the need for pay before pleasure.

I not talking about prostitution.

I am talking about work.

Cultural values have shifted for the worse as workers require work to be “fun” instead of hard.

Even if work is dreary, we must learn to fight through the darkness and into the light.

It is our vested interest in each other that keeps us from merely earning a living and getting a paycheck.

Through the events of shared struggled we learn the value of joy and play and satiety — but without the burdens — the lightness we seek has no bearing.

Pedophilia and Child Beauty Pageant Perversion

The perverted murder of JonBenet is once again headline-wrenching news across the world. My greatest concern is not the death of JonBenet, but the lives of the children who are forced by their parents to participate in child beauty pageants.

I do not believe young children actively decide they want to compete against other children in beauty pageants and if they do, the parents must work to correct that inappropriate expression of prepubescent sexualization of their children and not allow participation in the inappropriate eroticization of childhood that is the underlying tease of those sorts of pageants.

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