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New Jersey Students Pick Up Pitchforks and Torches and Storm the Castle

In a delightful — and necessary — sign of a furious protest, students in New Jersey left their classrooms yesterday and took to the streets to reject the absolute decimation of their schools by newly elected governor Chris Christie.  Christie cut $820 million from the schools in an effort to keep a campaign promise to reduce spending.  The protest was inspired by, and directed through, a Facebook movement to fight back against an unfair budget axe.

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Iconic Political Urban Graffiti

There is a Universal Human Context that can be tapped and empowered by the proper execution of iconic political urban graffiti. Here’s one stunning example that says it all without saying a single word: America is now more about bombing people than lighting the way to lead them to freedom.

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Defending Bob Kerrey from New School Crybabyism

Bob Kerrey is under attack at New School “University” as their current president and I am leaping to his defense.  Bob is a good son of Nebraska and he doesn’t take any guff and he isn’t good at having to put up with b.s.  Those Midwestern values have served him well as a Medal of Honor winning Navy SEAL who left a leg in Vietnam, as Governor of Nebraska, as founder of multi-million dollar businesses and as a United States Senator. Those chits, however, are not enough to placate the crybaby faculty and whimpering student body at New School — and the problems with Bob’s leadership isn’t Bob it is in the anachronistic and infantile “university” he is trying to drag into the next century of learning.

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A Botched First Day?

Am I the only one feeling the first day of the Obama Administration was a series of botched moments?  Sure, the evening ended well with a deep expression of love between man and wife, but the entirety of the day begged for greatness but only promised the ordinary.

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Fired for Myth Telling

Adjunct instructor Steven Bitterman was fired for suggesting a Bible story could be read as a myth:

Bitterman was on his way to teach a course in Western civilization at
Southwestern Community College last fall when his car slipped off the
road. By the time he got back on the road, Mr. Bitterman’s clothes were
muddy, so he returned home to clean up. That’s where he got a telephone
call from one of the college’s vice presidents, saying he had been

Three students, the vice president told Mr.
Bitterman, were offended because he had told his class that people
could more easily appreciate the biblical story of Adam and Eve if they
considered it a myth.

“She said the students and their
parents had threatened to sue the school, and sue me, and she said: ‘We
don’t want that to happen, do we?'” said Mr. Bitterman, who had been an
adjunct professor at the Iowa college since 2001. “She told me I was
supposed to teach history, not religion, and that my services would no
longer be needed.”

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