MTV’s 16 and Pregnant Reveals Punishing Sorrows

We all know abstinence, as a birth control method, is not a good way to avoid pregnancy because the failure rate for abstinence is 100% if a tiny drop of a mistake is made — and many young people today have variable definitions of sex that goes far beyond simple penile penetration of the vagina.  You have your sloppy oral sex.  You have your crude anal sex.  You have your various raw rubbings and rubbery gruntings in the back seats of cars and on den sofas.  You don’t know when a drip or a dribble might take a turn for the worse and a baby is the made as the result of a quick-release lust.  MTV has a terrific show called — 16 and Pregnant — and it is a magnificent piece of reality television that puts the truth to the lie that unplanned teen pregnancies, and unwed teen moms, are something to be celebrated in the media.

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easyDNS and the Lack of Mainstream Media Morality

UPDATE:  48 Minutes After Original Publication.

This article deserves an immediate update and, unlike the New York Times, my updates and corrections always go at the head of my articles and not at the very end.  Half an hour ago, I heard from Mark Jeftovic at easyDNS and I received permission to republish his email here:

Hi David,

I really appreciated reading your article on the entire “wikileaks” fiasco. It was nice to finally see the entire account related by a third party and basically get it right, from beginning to (almost the) end.

Really great, I am very grateful to you, thank you.

The latest development is that as of a few hours ago, we were added to the DNS delegation for and expect the .org to follow:

What a weekend.

Thanks again.


Here is my reply to Mark:

Hi Mark!

Thanks for the email!  Your response means a lot to me.

You are handling this so well — it’s like you very own special “Mainstream Media DDoS attack!”  SMILE!

I was going to mention in my article that the best revenge would be for you guys to step forward and actually back up WikiLeaks as a DNS fallback — but I didn’t want to put you in any more wondering jeopardy — how great it is that you guys stepped into the fray and put your backbone into WikiLeaks?  I love it!  Now I wonder how soon you’ll hear from Joe Lieberman and the frantic frenzied?

Do you mind if I add your email as an update to my article?

I thank you!



Long Live easyDNS!

If there’s any sort of notion of morality in the mainstream media — don’t ask to stand in the pulpit to testify — because easyDNS have wrongly been nailed to the cross to bleed for the WikiLeaks debacle, all because of rotten and lazy reporting that basically leaves easyDNS for dead.

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