Trapped in the iPhone Bumper Hell

When I think of the word accessory and all that it entails, there are many related words that come to mind — optional, not necessary, not needed. The purpose of an accessory should not be to make something that would be otherwise useless into something that is usable. This unfortunately seems to be happening with the new Apple iPhone.

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Barack Buyology

Why do we buy things?  As the economy melts around us, many are re-evaluating their purchase decisions — but are we able to resist the impulse to buy — or is the need to gather things innately us?  Researcher Martin Lindstrom spent $7 million looking into the brains of 2,000 people with an fMRI machine to help him understand our impulse to buy one brand over another.

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The Loving LaLa Review

Do you LaLa?  If not, you have no idea what you’re missing!  Forget iTunes.  Cancel Rhapsody.  Delete your Pandora and accounts.  From now on, your everything and your always lives in

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Boles University Online Store Now Open!

Welp, due to a wacky demand that has actually been ongoing for awhile, I am thrilled to announce you may now purchase all kinds of stuff at the Boles University Online Store!

Boles University Logo

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Would You Take $10,000?

If you were offered $10,000 for a Dot Com domain you owned and operated for almost a decade, would you take the money? I was in that situation a couple of weeks ago. The first offer was $4,000 and the final offer was $10,000. In the end, I turned down the $10,000. The URL of the site in question,, is home to one of the first online magazines run entirely for, and by, new writers looking to get their first publication and for established writers who seek to write their bliss for no profit.

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