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We are a 9Rules Special Interests Blog?

It looks like Monday we were officially added to the 9Rules blog community in the “Special Interests” category and I want to make it clear I had no vote — and was never asked — where this blog would land over at 9Rules even though I asked several times where this blog would be placed.
The fact this blog was even located in a community was news to me until I discovered it myself this morning. 

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Writing the Right Headline

Writing the right headline for articles is a task I take seriously as publisher of this blog because a headline is the first chew the eye takes when it visits your site. A good headline is one that entices that eye to swallow and keep gnashing for more. If your headline is without spice, the article is assumed to be tasteless as well.

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When Good Blogs Go Bad

Over the weekend I decided to be really smart and improve this blog. When I announce big plans like that people in my house run for cover because they know from past experience blood will be likely spilt, usually mine, and tears of frustration will flow, always mine. The run-for-cover gang were right.

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On An Urban Semiotic

The Peter Brooks ideal of an “Urban Semiotic” can be found in his fine essay The Text of the City (from Oppositions, 1977) where he defines “urban semiotic” as:

a way of discovering, elaborating, the codes which would allow the indifferentiated surfaces of modern urban existence to reveal their systematic meaning….

This site was named Urban Semiotic over the more familiar “Urban Semiotics” plural because the singular “Semiotic” — unlike its plural cousin — is an adjective first and a noun second and I’m never bringing any of this up again!

David W. Boles’ Urban Semiotic is where Blood and Bone Render Meaning in the City Core.

What Are You Doing With Your Life?

by Diane Buccheri

I have screams in my ear, echoes banging through my consciousness. “What are you doing?” ask those outside voices. I’m skipping along. I’m letting the sun shine on my hair, letting the breeze blow through it. I’m singing and dancing along the beach with the sparkling waves. I’m thinking and feeling and writing about things, allowing my spirit to live and breathe. I’m letting life be happy and can easily pass some of that onto those who touch my life.

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