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Sink, Anchor Babies, SINK!

We are — and always have been — a nation founded by immigrants and a people of immigrants.  We spin in a transient world.  Yet, there are some among us who believe majority occupation sets nation lines and international boundaries and that location, and not morality, should determine citizenship.

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Aryan Nation Easter Eggs

As perceptions change and a minority Race is perceived as rising above the power majority — the result is a growth in hate crime rates — and the rising, public, face of hate-seeking organizations like the Aryan Nation pound us asunder.

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The Definition of Reverse Racism

We all know, and can generally identify, what “Racism” is and what it means and how it hurts all of us — but what is that thing some people call “Reverse Racism?”

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Lying in Wait Racism

In the wash of the Barack Obama win, there are strange thunderings going on below the surface level of local, human, interaction.  Many of our area neighbors, and casual acquaintances, cannot believe we — “The White Folk” — voted for Obama, and I cannot help but wonder why.

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Black Skin? Subtract Fifteen Points!

Before the first presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain last night at Ole Miss, SuperGenius novelist — and Ole Miss Law School graduate, John Grisham — told a television interviewer, when asked why Obama was not doing better against McCain, that a “White candidate” would be “fifteen points ahead of McCain right now.”

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Obama Waffles Culture Wars

The only way to beat Barack Obama in the presidential election is to get personal and dirty and raise the matter of his skin color as a voting issue. Obama Waffles meets that gutter mandate of personal persecution for political gain — and you can see how Obama is no longer the cartoon monkey Curious George to conservative politicos — he’s now been re-drawn as the new cartoon relative of Black stereotype pancake queen: Aunt Jemima.

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