My Christmas Cake is Now Halfway to Toulouse

As you can imagine, living in a multicultural household where several languages are spoken there are a lot of opportunities for misunderstandings to occur over the silliest of things. This gets even more complicated when one party — me — is slower at languages. I try to think in Portuguese as this — I am told — is the easiest way to learn the language. I find myself saying “obrigada” which is thank you when I visit England and France — it always takes me a couple of days to adjust — normally a couple of hours before the return trip home!

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Weights & Measurements

by Joyce Kohl

Using the correct weights and measurements when preparing recipes can be the difference between success and disaster. For example, it takes 3 teaspoons to equal 1 tablespoon. Another common mistake is that a silverware (a.k.a. kitchen) teaspoon is not the same as a measuring teaspoon. That’s why you should always ask your doctor about prescriptions which instruct you to use dosages of a teaspoon or tablespoon. Is a measuring spoon or a kitchen spoon?

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