The Grim Demise of Radio and Records

I grew up on radio.  I worked radio.  I listened to radio.  I was radio.  Our broadcasting Bible was a weekly newspaper called Radio and Records.  Each week, it would arrive at the station and every staff member would take turns reading.  You’d get national news on announcers changing stations.  You read about job opportunities.  You learned which records were getting airplay and why.  I was dismayed to discover all these years later that Radio and Records became an online only publication and, soon after that happened, Radio and Records shuttered itself as it was blended into to disappear — which meant losing all of its identity and uniqueness in the field.

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Finding Reality at Easy Street Records

A thin man — maybe it was a woman (honestly was hard to tell in my tired state) was looking through one of the several bins of used records in front of Easy Street Records in West Seattle. I was walking to a friend’s apartment to take a short nap and my wife and I thought we saw our friend walk into the store.

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Insound and Record Store Day

Once a year, there is a special day that pays tribute not only to independent record stores but to the fans that have made it what it is. These are the very same people who come out in droves when a lime green seven inch from a band that they have never heard of is announced — limited to two hundred hand numbered copies, of course. Let us now look at all of the aspects that make Record Store Day as exciting as it is.

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Elvis Presley Sings the Memphis Blues

Today is Elvis Presley’s 75th birthday and instead of celebrating him, we instead must deal with our woe in missing him, and in coping with what he left behind, and we’re left this way because of his his selfishness in drug addiction.

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Google Health Wants Your Body

Google already has your mind.  Now Google wants your body!

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Google Health in Cleveland

Google wants to manage your health information starting in Cleveland:

Cleveland Clinic has more than 100,000 patients and many of those are
retirees who spend some of the year elsewhere such as Arizona and
Florida. And when they go, their medical records don’t follow says Dr.
C. Martin Harris, the clinic’s chief information officer.

Google personal health record Harris says is a solution to that
problem, among others. A person can approve the transfer of information
on medical conditions, allergies, medications and laboratory results
from the clinic’s computers to a Google personal health record.

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