Princeton or Prison?

It costs a lot of money to house prisoners in cells when the idea is no longer reformation, but rather separation and dissonant punishment:

One year at Princeton University: $37,000. One year at a New Jersey state prison: $44,000.

Prison and college “are the two most divergent paths one can take in life,” Joseph Staten, an info-graphic researcher with Public Administration, says. Whereas one is a positive experience that increases lifetime earning potential, the other is a near dead end, which is why Staten found it striking that the lion’s share of government funding goes toward incarceration.

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The Pain of Removing Racism

It is difficult to change who you are once you have lived a certain way for years, even decades. For people who struggle to lose weight, for example, part of the problem is not that the workout routines or proper nutrition is difficult on a day to day basis — but actually changing the lifestyle to become that in which those routines are the norm and the nutrition is a healthy one is the challenge. This is just as difficult when, for example, a person is trying to break away from a bad way of living — a criminal lifestyle, gang membership, or similar affiliation.

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Atheists Among Us

Are you frightened by the rise of active Atheism among us?  As one of the rising — and yet delighted by discussing any and all religious beliefs — I am thrilled to see in America that it becoming easier, and more accepted, to stand up and say: “I do not believe as you; but that does not mean I am not as moral as you.”  

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The Illusion of Community Sentences

The UK have always been forward thinking and proactive when it comes to comforting the human condition in medicine and trying to alleviate the suffering in the halls of incarceration.  It must have been difficult to accept the notion that — over the last four years as “Community Sentences” rose as a diversionary tactic to reduce the prison population — the incarceration rate rose just as well.

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Sarasota Works to Divert

Sarasota, Florida is actively working to only incarcerate the most heinous criminals:

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Welcome to RelationShaping ->(

Welcome to David W. Boles RelationShaping!  The intent of this blog is to examine, “The Spear of Technology Piercing the Body In Situ ->(” and we thank you for joining us!

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Strikes in France: A Tale of Pension Reforms

by Violaine Messager

France, home of strike? Europe is featured by strike as a frequent resort in Germany or Italy as we have seen recently. By now, the issue of retirement pension reform and the fragile and growing imbalance of the system of repartition in France makes the headlines.

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