Biocompatible Polymers and Prosthetic Nerves

We previously read about the Black Ops Biomask:

Now let’s take that biomask news to the next, logical level.  Specially trained soldiers get their brown eyes burned blue.  The biomask gives them a whole new face.  Fingerprints are replaced.  Previous DNA records are erased.

You now have a whole new identity mask for and old body that now becomes an anonymous killing machine.  An old body you trained and made into a killer becomes something new, but never innocuous, that you can send into the world, undercover in a civilian visage, to do your Black Ops work in the open without repercussion.  If the soldier gets identified, bring in the biomask to reconstruct a whole new face and recycle the old body again into the wilds.

Now we have breaking news that biocompatible polymers are a bridge — a “scaffold,” really — to attaching regenerating dead human nerves to inanimate prosthetics. The idea of this new bio-bridge is keen to help recreate the body part, but it makes me wonder why the military is always the standard bearer for new human healing inventions. Are they interested in fixing the wounded, or in just creating a super-able-bodied soldier from scratch?

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