The Sexualization of Platonic Business Relationships: How Many Families Do You Need?

I’ve always found it odd when people you work with, or collaborate with, or may work with in the future, use the phrase “getting into bed together” as a business condiment as if to somehow oddly sexualize what is, in fact and deed, a working relationship that is, if anything, asexually platonic by necessity of average function.

I wonder why there is a need to make a business contract a personal and intimate formality in such a dramatic manner.  Private relationships are bound by blood and emotion and decrees of love and passion.  No public business should operate under any of those terms.  I always wonder why that “in bed” phrase is so important for some people to utter during a negotiation or in a team spirit meeting.

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Be Blunt and Cruel, it Saves Time

As a proud, but inveterate, INTJ — I have a philosophy of life that few people understand: “Be Blunt and Cruel, it Saves Time!”  I never use that philosophy with others without permission.  That philosophy is fully how I prefer to be treated, but few people are willing to abide the terms of what they perceive to be “rough language.”

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The Carrie Diaries Review

When the television show Sex and the City had its original run on HBO, I was neither a subscriber to HBO nor particularly interested in the sex lives of four women that lived in New York City. A mere nine years after the show ended and two movies later, there is a new television show called The Carrie Diaries based on the teenage life of Carrie Bradshaw, one of the four women from Sex and the City. It chronicles her life and struggles as a high school student in the early nineteen eighties.

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The Girls Review

I first found out about the HBO show Girls when I was heading home from the office where I work — there were ads at the Lexington Avenue / 63rd Street station showing the main characters from the show sitting together with just the name of the show, “Girls”, on it. The image was striking in its simplicity and I discussed it with my wife Elizabeth, and we decided to give it a go. (We hoped it would go better than Gossip Girl, which is finally coming to an end after seemingly every character has hooked up with every other one…)

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Facebook as Virtual Small Town Commerce

Jamie Smith wrote this article.

When I was at breakfast recently with friends, the subject came up about Facebook and who uses it, what games do they play, etc. Interestingly enough, there were a few of us who were on Facebook, for various reasons; mainly to catch up with real actual friends that the user seldom saw or for reunion purposes, family and/or high school variety reunions; family tree research and the like.

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Letting Friendships Die

I have heard more stories about dying friendships than I thought. Someone I know would tell me that they dreaded the idea of seeing someone, because they didn’t enjoy the stories that the person tells or, for that matter, how the person behaves. I have to ask them why they bother hanging out with that person if they don’t enjoy spending time with them and the answer almost always comes back the same — they have known them for a great number of years (15, 20, sometimes more) and they don’t want to ruin a long friendship after everything that they have been through.

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The Playwright In Situ

How should we train modern Playwrights?

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