What the Hell Happened to Nebraska?

I grew up in Nebraska. Then I escaped to New York. When I lived in Nebraska, it was a pretty good place. North Loup. Scotia. Lincoln. The University. Bob Kerrey. We had stamina, hard work, and a future, and we were kind to each other because we believed in the Good Life. Then, over the last 30 years since I’ve been away, something broke, and a red-hard Republican named Pete Ricketts, decided to ruin the state in an ego-driven run for the governorship just so he could ultimately become a thug in the Trump Covid-19 Death Cult along with Ted Cruz, Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott. Thankfully, there are still some sane people in Huskerland who can use their power to do goodness — as in getting the Nebraska Covid-19 Dashboard reinstated:

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easyDNS and the Lack of Mainstream Media Morality

UPDATE:  48 Minutes After Original Publication.

This article deserves an immediate update and, unlike the New York Times, my updates and corrections always go at the head of my articles and not at the very end.  Half an hour ago, I heard from Mark Jeftovic at easyDNS and I received permission to republish his email here:

Hi David,

I really appreciated reading your article on the entire “wikileaks” fiasco. It was nice to finally see the entire account related by a third party and basically get it right, from beginning to (almost the) end.

Really great, I am very grateful to you, thank you.

The latest development is that as of a few hours ago, we were added to the DNS delegation for wikileaks.ch and expect the .org to follow:


What a weekend.

Thanks again.


Here is my reply to Mark:

Hi Mark!

Thanks for the email!  Your response means a lot to me.

You are handling this so well — it’s like you very own special “Mainstream Media DDoS attack!”  SMILE!

I was going to mention in my article that the best revenge would be for you guys to step forward and actually back up WikiLeaks as a DNS fallback — but I didn’t want to put you in any more wondering jeopardy — how great it is that you guys stepped into the fray and put your backbone into WikiLeaks?  I love it!  Now I wonder how soon you’ll hear from Joe Lieberman and the frantic frenzied?

Do you mind if I add your email as an update to my article?

I thank you!



Long Live easyDNS!

If there’s any sort of notion of morality in the mainstream media — don’t ask easyDNS.net to stand in the pulpit to testify — because easyDNS have wrongly been nailed to the cross to bleed for the WikiLeaks debacle, all because of rotten and lazy reporting that basically leaves easyDNS for dead.

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When Nothing Indicates Something

Nothing is always something.  The lack of finding something isn’t an indicator of failure — it is actually a revelation that what we thought was there, was not.  Recently, the New York Times reported on the “failure” of the promise of genetic mapping research to help find more cures:

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Google Panopticonic

Is Google on our side?  Or is Google secretly surveilling us and reporting our behaviors and want to the government?

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Welcome to Carceral Nation

This is Carceral Nation.

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The Fallacy of Fairness

There is no such thing as impartiality.

We are not required — by a sense of honor or a requirement of fairness — to endlessly listen to all sides of an issue.

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News Must Be Critical

The role of any news department is to be critical in its coverage.

We do not need fawning and admiration from those delivering the news to us.

We need objectivity that is only created with a critical eye and deep analysis of what is happening to us in the world.

One must not need include two sides for any story.  Sometimes one side lies in order to cover the truths of the other and if those lies are proffered to us as “fairness in coverage” then those providing the podium for the lies are just as guilty of lying as those inventing the mistruths.

Our major media outlets need to step away from power and politics and money and return their loyalty and protections to the people who seek the truth in reporting from them even if it means the revelation of darkness pretending to be light and blood covering bodies in pieces.