Should Propranolol Be Forcibly Fed to Prisoners?

Can we govern morality through medication?  If so, should we then mandate that immoral people be forced to comply with the shared social justice of the surrounding community?

I was taken with the recent news that Propranolol, a heart medication, has shown in a limited study, to reduce Racism.  Can we really heal social imbalances just by taking a pill?  If so, should we then force feed Racists Propranolol so they can become better human beings with less aggressive hatred in their behavior?

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When Fluency No Longer Matters

There’s an infuriating move afoot in several major universities to “dumb down” graduation requirements by removing foreign language fluency from the core program of study.  Some schools incredibly want to make a mere semester of a foreign language an elective and not a hard requirement for earning a diploma.  When I was in college, we had to take four semesters of a foreign language in order to graduate.  Soon, that minimal forced fluency that formed many generations of students will no longer be important to a college education.

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