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The HP660LX is Funkadelic!

by Dave “ShagDaddy” Boles

Hey HepCats!

Welcome to ShagDaddy Dave’s FunkDunky Den!

On the spin today is a review of the zaggy new HP660LX — the Bigger & Brighter Bro to the HP620LX. If I sound wacky and loose, it’s all because of the 660LX, baby! I’m in heaven, and when you’ve been taken to the moon in the palm of your hand, there’s no other way to frame the trip than remaining “out there” in the realm of HP divinity. Kick with me and know the 660LX in detail…

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Dumping Windows CE for a Pilot

by Bud Berrett

I have in my hand a Cassiopeia Windows CE computer. I had this in my hand when I ordered the 3Com PalmPilot Professional. Why would I buy a Pilot when I already own a Windows CE box? Because the Pilot tries to be what it is, and in my opinion, the Windows CE machines try to be more than they are.

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Get Wireless Stock Quotes Via Reuters Marketclip

On Tuesday, March 24, there was a big party in Manhattan to kick off the rollout of the latest innovation from 3COM’s Palm Pilot division and Reuters America, a division of the world’s largest news and financial data distribution company. The new product is the REUTERS MARKETCLIP, an exciting extension of the functionality of the Palm Pilot.

With this add-on device, your Palm Pilot (whatever the model) will gain some tremendous communication competence… wireless real time financial information in your pocket!!!

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Safe Palm Pilot Transfers to Act for Windows

Discussions of contact managers and PIMs often take on the characteristics of a religious debate… fierce positions, often adversarial, seldom resolved. This article will avoid that fevered controversy by limiting the scope of discussion to practical tips for users of Act for Windows and any version of the Palm Pilot (personal, pro or III).

Since early last year, Symantec has provided a free utility for synching Act for Windows with the Palm Pilot. You can download this patch free from the Symantec Web site (under products select ACT and select free downloads). The file is about 6 Mb, so pick a time when you can handle a file that large.

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