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Harmful Intent is Not Protected Speech

We love beating the Cyber Bullies who live in the morass of their false sense of anonymity online and who try to claim their spewed public hatred is protected speech under the First Amendment.  A California appeals court just ruled 2-1 that you can’t say just anything you please online.  You must own your words and you will face punishment if you intentionally try to inflict harm on someone.

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Pink Floyd Royalties Fight Reflection

Pink Floyd won a tremendous victory in court this week against EMI, their record company.  The trouble at issue was EMI’s “unbundling” of Pink Floyd albums to sell individual album tracks on services like iTunes instead of requiring consumers to purchase the entire album as required by their contract with the band. 

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Liberals Cheer Ken Starr

Who knew Ken Starr — of cum-stained blue dress infamy — would be the new darling of the liberal press this morning after he leapt to the defense of Justice Department lawyers venomously labeled the “Al-Qaeda 7” for providing legal counsel to accused terrorists, and against Liz Cheney, the conservative and vile offspring of Dick.

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Bra Colors Bring No Cure for Cancer

You are sitting with a female friend, enjoying a cup of tea and talking about the musical styling of Duffy and the peculiar nature of coated guitar strings and how people could come to use them over normal cutting edge strings. Your friend then tells you that she wants to tell you something very important and stands up, walks around the table, and sidles up next to you.

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The First Withering in a Failing Economy

The first thing to wither in a failing economy are the rights of the minority individual.  I’ll give you a real world example that will set the ominous tone to come for the rest of us.

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Condemning Crippled Children

We don’t like to use the word “crippled” today — because we prefer to gloss over that historic, condemning, label with “disabled” — but the Government Accountability Office recently reported that schools are now restraining and punishing crippled children just because they are disabled.

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