The Eggshell Generation: No Freedom for Danger Children

Life has changed for modern children.  When I was growing up in the Midwest, you sought freedom — and if it wasn’t granted with a bicycle, then you found other, more nefarious ways, to run away and play far away from your doorstep.

It isn’t that way any longer.  Today, kids are protected and driven and supervised in organized sports and cultural events.  There’s no spontaneity now because there’s fear of the unknown and danger in the creative.  No sandlot baseball.  No football games with self-set boundaries and special scoring.  Everything is regulation.  There can be no divergence from the norm.

We’re creating a society of young people who are risk-averse and too frightened to set their own agendas and follow their own, unblazed, pathway. Fun is the new mysterious stranger. “Do what you want” is the new monster under the bed.

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Incarcerating the Innocent

Let’s say you were accused of a serious crime you did not commit.  You have no witnesses for your alibi, but the police have several eyewitnesses against you.  You vow to fight the charges in court even though you have no money and will have to rely on a public defender.  The day before you are to head to trial and face a possible 10-year conviction, the prosecution offers you a deal.  Plead to a lesser charge and you’ll be out of prison in 6 months with good time credit and parole.  You’ll be a convicted felon, but you’ll be incarcerated for less than a year.  Do you take the deal and plead to a crime you did not commit?  Or do you risk losing it all in a jury trial and facing a mandatory decade stretch in the can if you lose?

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The Inanity of Open Comments

I am always struck by the inanity of other websites and blogs that allow open commenting on their articles because that sort of anonymity invites chaos, creates confusion and encourages deception and ruins the reading experience.  It is the publisher’s duty to only accept comments from verified individuals.  Without some sort of verification process in place — that at least links a verified email address to the person commenting — you have no idea who is attacking you or for what reason.

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Cutting Children and Bumping Busses

The first casualty of any budget war is children. New York State is currently making each and every employee prove that each and every child getting healthcare on the state plan actually and legally belongs to a state employee.

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What a Difference a Day Makes

by Greg Schaffer

How do you turn from the Goat of the NBA to a Star in a matter of 24 hours? How can 1,440 minutes alter sports talk radio conversations from a stab at your very core to praises in your behalf? Ask the Utah Jazz!

Blowout Win?
On Tuesday night, February 3rd, the 30-14 Utah Jazz went to The Pond in Anaheim, California to face the 10-37 LA Clippers. Many people saw this as another blowout win for the surging Jazz. How wrong they were! Reserve guard James Robinson lit-up the Jazz with a season-high 25 points, which included 5-9 from “3 point land,” to lead the Clippers to a 111-102 victory. This win helped stop the Clippers 8 game losing streak. The Jazz were able to hold the lead once, early in the first quarter, 20-19. It only lasted for 39 seconds. From that point on the Clippers never looked back. In the third quarter they lead by as many as 21 points. The Jazz were able to cut the lead to 4 points early in the fourth but never threatened again.

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