The Possibilities of a Driverless Car

In movies and television shows depicting the future, there are flying cars and cars that drive themselves — and sometimes a combination of the two. In the movie Total Recall, for example, there are taxi services that are entirely driven by robots. The promise of the future is that people will no longer have to drive if they don’t wish to do so, and that driving can be a more passive activity to be watched as though it were a form of entertainment of its own.

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The New Speak & Spell Robot Feels Your Pain

When I was but a wee younglin’ — the most robotic thing we had to “teach” us was the handheld “Speak & Spell” from Texas Instruments — which was merely a more glorified version of the “See N Say.”

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Truth in Search

There’s a notion floating about the internets that the only place we are truly honest with ourselves is found in what we type in a search box.

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The 24-Hour Woman

Would you want to invent a 24-hour woman? Would you mind molding your future wife out of silicone and wires? Le Trung found his fantasy woman in his hands built of bits of steel and a bucket of screws.

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SimBabies to the Rescue

SimBabies are not inanimate Reborns — they’re robots built to train nurses how to save the day:

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