Using Robots as Therapists

With the tremendous amount of unemployment in the United States, there is one section of employers that, far from suffering, have been rather lacking in qualified hirees and that is in the area of therapists for autistic children.

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Android Actors Remove the Soul from Live Theatre

We attend live theatre performances because we love and appreciate watching the human body in motion.  We never know what will happen.  We risk danger and mistakes and anxiety in creating and witnessing the live performer — as the preplanned sometimes implodes into ingenuity, compunction and disaster.

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Machine Over Man

We love a good “The Robots Are Coming” story and we always get a thrill as we contemplate the idea that one day our toaster will turn against us and brown us instead of our daily bread, but when the Big Thinkers get together to warn each other about machines that can think on their own and react without us, we begin to pee our pants a wee bit.

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The Art of the Inhuman Touch

If you’re feeling sad or wacky or off-center, do you need the human touch of a psychiatrist in your brain? Or would you be just as happy telling your internal ills to robot a for fixing as if you were a car in need of a mechanic?

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