Considering the Community Loss of Dan Harmon

Cut off the head, as the saying goes, and the body will die. Tear a beating heart from a living being and you will not get any result other than the death of that being. As I see it, this is just as true in the world of creative fiction whether it takes the form of a book series or a television show. Remove the voice of that series, and you effectively kill the show.

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How to Ruin Your Retirement

We live in a day-to-day economy.  Lots of people are surviving paycheck-to-paycheck and paying more for healthcare costs or dealing with impending furloughs.  The lack of money can send an entire family into a depressive spiral from which it is almost impossible to recover.  Few young people are interested in saving today for their retirement tomorrow because they worry about being able to eat tonight.  Even middle age folk have a tough time tucking away some money for when they are no longer willing or able to work.

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