Can Art Be Quantified?

When we have a national discourse about money and Art and the role of the artist in society, we are left with a massive hole of misunderstanding that cannot yet be bridged: You Cannot Quantify Art.

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Mistaken Memes and the Truth that Never Was

We are required to always accept new information because we never know when we’ll find out what we thought we always knew was true, never was.  I am still amazed to learn that in Southern pockets of the United States that many people viciously, and wrongly, believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim when he is not and never was.

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Of Blood Oaths and Sacred Vows

Why do we require Blood Oaths and Sacred Vows? Why isn’t a person’s word their bond? Why bring the body and holy into the covenant of our truth telling with others?

Why do we place more value in vows sworn on Bibles and other imbued relics than simply assuming one will tell the truth by default?

Is there an added potency to a claim when it is sworn “on my dead mother’s grave?” What is the purpose of secret handshakes, candlelight ceremonies and swearing in those who seek public service? Is our punishment more severe when blood oaths and sacred vows are broken?