Home Gardening Threatened by Senate Bill

A troublesome bill has recently passed through the Senate and it could mean the end of legal home farming the way I love and remember it. Gone could be the herbs growing on window sills and the police may be breaking down garage doors to find small plots of tomatoes growing. How could such a thing come to be?

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Nosocomial Infections: MRSA and Your MRI

“Nosocomial” means “hospital acquired” and few people believe you can get infected by bacteria lurking in a hospital.  We are often of the notion that hospitals and medical offices are always sanitary and cleaned every day.  Sometimes, though, other patients can infect us with their ills when we visit our doctors.  When your hospital makes you sicker, you have a nosocomial infection.

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An American Tragedy

I woke up on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 at approximately six-fifteen in the morning.  I did not wish to be late to work. I wanted to work my four hours, study for my classes, and then later in the evening go home. A few minutes after nine, a news report showed up on CNN Asia that turned into one of the biggest tragedies in American history.

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