Insound and Record Store Day

Once a year, there is a special day that pays tribute not only to independent record stores but to the fans that have made it what it is. These are the very same people who come out in droves when a lime green seven inch from a band that they have never heard of is announced — limited to two hundred hand numbered copies, of course. Let us now look at all of the aspects that make Record Store Day as exciting as it is.

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But It’s Just a House…

by Nancy McDaniel

It wasn’t something I planned to do. I just happened to go to a board meeting in a new (to me) and magical neighborhood. I saw the house with a For Sale sign and that’s how it all started. My life was turned upside-down and became a “looking-at-a-new-house episode” of the past three weeks. It was an emotionally turbulent and extremely thought-provoking time for me.

“I Will Never Sell My House. Not EVER”
Despite what some people think (and I might wish), I am not a person who embraces change easily. I worked at the same company for over 28 years, have lived in the same house for over 26 years and stayed married to the same (wrong) man for nearly 10 years (well, so I figured that one out sooner. Maybe I just liked the job and house more. In fact, I once took a six-month leave of absence from my job because I was very stressed out. Finally I realized, when the time off wasn’t making me feel any better, that it wasn’t the job that was stressing me out; it was my marriage. Duh!)

My ex and I bought a house in an up-and-coming neighborhood (it wasn’t even listed as a “fixer upper;” it was already “fixed up”… sort of) in 1975. There was still some gang activity in the area, mostly just graffiti (oh, and the shooting at Uncle Frank’s, the hot dog stand a couple of blocks away. But they had THE best hot dogs and Polish sausage, so we went anyway, but just during the day).

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Wal-Mart Improves

by María L. Trigos-Gilbert

After so MANY nasty e-mails and almost life threats, FINALLY I have decided to write a second article about Wal-Mart, but this time is to congratulate Wal-Mart rather than diminishing this chain of stores. Please, take note that I’m writing this article because I have considered this time to be appropriate. So this article isn’t an apology to Wal-Mart, and this isn’t an apologetic thought to the Wal-Mart’s employees.

On the contrary, I do believe that we have FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Of course, even freedom of speech has its consequences, and that’s right in a democratic system. In the end, the USA’s primary and strong beliefs has been its independence, the Emancipation Proclamation, and the 1st Amendment of the USA’s Constitution.

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