The Unbearable Lightening of Beyonce

Poor Beyonce.  She’s been put through a lot lately — and it’s all be done by her own wringing hands.  Her Fake Baby Pregnancy meme won’t die.  She’s been caught stealing from Bob Fosse.  Now, her “Blackness” is being called into question — yet again! — by her own perverse sense of self and Racial identification.

We have wondered here in the past about the cultural constrictions we press into skin color, and a related and deeper issue is one of darker skin — Black skin in particular — and how it is socially demonized by negative, historical, intellectual and emotional touchstones associated with “Blackness.”

Take a look at the cover of Beyonce’s new album below.  Is that her natural skin tone?  Is that what her real nose looks like?  Are her arms and legs that skinny?  Why is she not comfortable in her own skin?  Why is she publicly rebelling against her bones?

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Year of the Asterisk

by Evan Stair

As this is written two major league baseball players, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa are nearing a record which has stood since 1961. They are doing so amid the cheers and accolades of many major league baseball fans. However, the story was different in 1961.

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