Playing Microsoft Tag

You can see the new, tiled, background image for my Twitter account.  The multicolored bonanza of triangles and primary colors is mesmerizing and aesthetically pleasing, right?  Or is the image effect sort of eye numbing and hard on the retinas?  Did you notice the twitter logo shares the same color blue as my background image?  There’s nothing to that shared hue of blue except that “it is the color that it is” — which is a complicated way of saying, “it’s a popular primary blue.”

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Divining the Dung Beetle in the Dead

The Apple science site is celebrating a 3D archaeological “find” detailing — The Amulets of Seramon, including the Dung Beetle seen blow — where the trinkets of an ancient priest of Thebes are now revealed for the first time in 3,000 years.

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