Red Scare in Twilight's Last Gleaming

Every so often, we need to stop, decompress from the tension in our present lives and look back at the human traps that were set in order to punish the foreign and the strange — and then we must vow to never let that happen again.  Today, let us look back in fury at the “Red Scare” that throttled everything good about America after World War I.

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New York Anthrax Scare

Yesterday, for about an hour, many in New York thought there had been another terrorist attack when news of a Brooklyn man infected with inhalation anthrax spread like gossipy spores in the street. When it was later discovered the man was likely self-infected by his working with untanned goat skins to make handmade drums, the City actually paused for a public moment to catch its breath before we all returned to our inner lives.

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