At Night, I Get Scared

Today is the third day in a row I’m writing about the death of the great author and teacher, Dr. Howard Stein, because I just can’t get his life out of my mind.  Every time we’d meet or speak on the phone, I would take copious notes because I didn’t want to forget anything he told me.

Every conversation was ripe and ready for memorialization in a blog post or in a future thinking endeavor.  Howard Stein was always teaching, and when you had his attention, you were the most important person in the world to him.  He was staunchly rational and fearless almost up to the end; and I say “almost” because during the last few months of his life, he confessed to me that, at night, he would get scared.

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Cheney Betrays the Human Condition

Have we ever had an ex vice-president so quickly and publicly condemn the current administration as Dick Cheney has done to the Obama administration?  The man has been out of office less than three week’s and he can’t wait to taste the bitterness of American blood again.

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