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Celebrity Overload

One of my favorite scenes in “Singin’ in the Rain” is one in which leading man Don Lockwood confronts Kathy Selden over her alleged lack of interest in him as an actor. At first she denies knowing anything about him, citing a total lack of interest in anything to do with the film arts, with the theatrical arts being the supposedly superior art form. She soon comes to admit that she has seen all of his films and has read all of the magazines in which he is portrayed. To think, if this film were to take place today, how much more information she would be able to access about her favorite film star.

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Why Google Loves You

There are days when you may not feel up to writing a blog entry or updating a web page, but you must create something anyway.
You publish not for yourself or for your readers.
You publish for Google.
Google is waiting.

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More Yahoo! Search Marketing Foolishness

On Tuesday I wrote a review called Yahoo! Search Marketing Foolishness where I recounted my unfortunate experience with that internet advertising program. Yesterday, to my surprise, I was contacted via email by Michael E. from Yahoo! Search Marketing at 3:43pm Eastern.

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Do Not Install Onfolio 2.0

I installed Onfolio 2.0 the other day and the program messed up my system.
Onfolio 2.0 is advertised as a cohesive research assistant akin to Furl It and another big selling point for the program is an embedded RSS reader. 

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Yahoo! Sponsored Search vs. Google AdWords

I am a big fan of Yahoo! Sponsored Search over Google’s AdWords for the following reasons:
Yahoo!’s user interface is deeper and more dynamic than Google’s.

You can get extremely precise tracking in a really easy manner that doesn’t take much clicking or site digging.
Yahoo!’s budget management is more flexible.
Yahoo!’s keyword setup is faster and clearer for first-time setup.

Yahoo!’s click-through rate is higher per impression.
Yahoo!’s bid position process is more transparent.
Yahoo!’s entire setup feels more established, cleaner and solid.
Give Yahoo! Sponsored Search a try if you want to get the word out about one of your websites. If you currently pay to play with Google AdWords, you definitely need to move up to Yahoo! Sponsored Search instead.

Yahoo! Mindset Search Beta

Yahoo! Mindset Search is an interesting and powerful search engine for research and, strangely enough, shopping. I did a Mindset search on my name: David W. Boles. It takes a little while for the full returns to load because Mindset interactively parses each website for relevance.

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