The Tom Bihn Ristretto Bag Review for My 11-inch MacBook Air

I am a big bag lover.  I am constantly on the move to find the perfect bag for every moment.  It’s rare that you can find a single bag that can unite your days.  It’s more likely you’ll have to use a purpose-drive purse — I mean “Man Bag!” — to help sort and protect your day.

I always wanted to try a Tom Bihn bag made by hand in Seattle.  I have always liked the whole mission and purpose of the company —

At TOM BIHN, we design and manufacture sophisticated laptop bags and cases, laptop backpacks, messenger bags, briefcases, travel bags, checkpoint-friendly bags and accessories in our own Seattle factory. We offer eye-catching designs and unusually attentive customer service. We use the best quality materials, superior construction and Tom’s 30+ years of design experience to build a better laptop bag. Our bags are available for order through this Web site with worldwide shipping or at our Seattle retail store.

— and when my new MacBook Air 11-inch showed up needing some protection, I knew the time was right to sidle up and settle down $120.00USD to the West Coast for a Bihn bag especially made and designed for my tiny beauty.

I present to you the Tom Bihn Ristretto for the 11-inch MacBook Air:

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Finding Reality at Easy Street Records

A thin man — maybe it was a woman (honestly was hard to tell in my tired state) was looking through one of the several bins of used records in front of Easy Street Records in West Seattle. I was walking to a friend’s apartment to take a short nap and my wife and I thought we saw our friend walk into the store.

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Sleepless from Seattle: Being Your Own Captive Audience

Several people had already told me as much, but it was only about a few hours into the flight that the real insanity of this trip really dawned on me. As far as I know, I am going to be spending more time on the way to the airport, back from the airport, and on the airplane than I will be spending at the actual place I am visiting. This seems like madness.

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From Seattle Slicker to New York Vagabond

Gordon Davidescu wrote this article.

Sometime around the middle of last August, I realized that I had to move away from Seattle and get back to New York City. I could hear the words of none other than David W. Boles from a few years ago; this is more curious because I have never heard his voice. He wrote me then, when I was first moving out here, to tell me that it was just going to be a matter of time before I came back. Well I am certainly glad that we didn’t make a money wager on that because it was only a couple of years later when those words began to come true.

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Trademarking the Twelfth Man

Texas A&M University claims it legally owns the phrase “12th Man” and the university is taking court action against the Seattle Seahawks professional football team for using “12th Man” in their run for the Super Bowl. The “12th Man” concept refers to the fans in the stands being the twelfth player “on the field” by yelling and cheering on the real 11 players on the field. Before each game the Seahawks raise a flag at every home game honoring the “12th Man” as demonstrated in the graphic below:

Seattle Seahawks 12th Man

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Seattle Transfer

It was nearly two months ago that I moved to Seattle. This is the first move I have made across the country and it has been the first move I have made without my worldly possessions being carted around in a car, rented U-haul truck, or an SUV. Besides Jerusalem, which was less of a move than a temporary stay so that I could get some serious Jewish education, this has been the farthest I have lived away from my parents. It has thus far been quite the interesting transition.

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