Looking at the Dominant Eye

We all see with a preferred eye.  Our dominant eye focuses on an object and our other eye provides the necessary angle to give us the perception of depth.

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The Panopticonic Looking-Glass Doorknob

Hideyuki Nakayama has created the penultimate Functional Art for our Paranoid Panopticonic Age:  Thee Looking-Glass Doorknob.  It’s a glass orb that allows you to see who is on the other side of the door without having to go through all the effort of actually turning the knob to open the door.  You can watch their movements in your very own crystal ball.

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The V Warfighter Comes to the U.S Army

I enjoy watching the new “V” series reincarnated on the ABC television network. The earlier — 1983 version — of “V” on NBC was bloodier, but not quite as interesting. “V” — if you don’t know is a synonym for “Visitor” — which they really aren’t — because Vs are actually aliens waiting to take over planet earth.  Vs are more invader than visitor and figuring that out is part of the charm of the show.  We know this because a series of “motherships” hover over major cities in the world just waiting to reign down destruction in the inevitable takeover.  The bottom of the V-ships are like outdoor advertising.  The Vs can communicate directly with us via a giant TV screen that is their warship underbelly.

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Dog On Duty: Do Not Touch Me!

Today I will provide a warning in an admonition I hope you will accept my correction in the healing spirit in which it is offered. I have a lot of friends and associates that rely on dogs — Service Animals, if you will — in order to live a more average life. These special dogs are raised by families as puppies and only the most dedicated and pure-of-heart dogs make it into a lifetime of service.

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