How the iPad Shattered the iPhone

If you have a sensitive constitution, please be forewarned this article contains graphic images that might nauseate you. If you’re willing to be shocked and somewhat saddened about the shattering of a iPhone by an iPad, then read on — if you are unable to abide the inexcusable accident — turn away now. Okay, then. Here’s how the story began:  A mysterious and cryptic email arrived late yesterday afternoon.

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Suspension of Disbelief

The “Suspension of Disbelief” is a vital notion in any live stage performance.  We know we are sitting in a comfortable theatre in Washington, D.C. watching actors — and not in a gloomy, dark, forest in Germany watching murderers in the night — and we willingly suspend reality in favor of disbelieving what our eyes and minds are telling us is not real.

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