Jimmy Spins the World

Jimmy is the 62-year-old handyman of our building — though he always calls himself “manager.”  You never want to be caught in the same hallway with Jimmy or you’ll be stuck there for at least an hour getting regaled with stories that teeter between fact and fiction and balance on fantasy. 
The first thing you think when you see Jimmy is, “Run the other way!”  Last week, I was caught with no means of escape in the basement of our building.  This is my story of Jimmy spinning the world.

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Cuffed for Money: Privacy and the Public Record

You can buy the new “Cuffed” magazine for a dollar to ogle the faces of the recently arrested.  There are some who believe “Cuffed” is an inappropriate invasion of privacy while others argue the mug shots are part of the public record and any right to privacy was lost upon arrest.

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