The Implantable Telescopic Eye

I love it when technology doesn’t just ride to the rescue, but rather races to your side, lifts you up in its arms, and propels you, headlong, into a better, and brighter, future.  VisionCare’s new “Implantable Telescopic Eye” is just such a magnificent propeller.

Here is the official blurp from VisionCare:

The Implantable Telescope Technology platform incorporates wide-angle micro-optical lenses in a Galilean telescope design. Based on this proprietary technology, VisionCare’s lead product (Implantable Miniature Telescope by Dr. Isaac Liphitz), along with the cornea, enlarges images in front of the eye approximately 2.2 or 2.7 times their normal size (depending on the model used). The magnification allows central images to be projected onto healthy perimacular areas of the retina instead of the macula alone, where breakdown of photoreceptors and loss of vision has occurred. This helps reduce the ‘blind spot’ and allows the patient to distinguish and discern images that may have been unrecognizable or difficult to see.

What an incredible discovery!

The Telescopic Eye is unimaginable Bionic Man stuff from my youth, and even though the price is high — the surgery will cost you a new cornea and $15,000.00USD for the telescope alone — you just can’t help finally thinking there are shining shards of bright light in the world than can cut, laser-like, through the din and dark of our dingy lives to let us see again the beauty around us.