Sitting on a Script Professor Domain Squatter

On February 6, 2012 I wrote — David W. Boles is THE Script Professor — because some unsavory person in another country created a new domain based on my domain by merely adding a “the” before “” to create “” and I was outraged:

Let there be NO DOUBT on the Internets that I, David W. Boles, am, are, and forever shall beTHE Script Professor!  I have been  THE Script Professor since November 28, 2005, so let there be no question to my authenticity as pale imitators and purposeful thieves step forward and try to wrangle in private and modify in public my mark to serve their selfish ends by fogging reality and futzing legal authority.

This week, I was able to reclaim that illegally registered domain and “” now rightly redirects to “” and the world is right and good again as you can see in this partial screenshot of some of the domains I own and operate:

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