Aura Rungs of the Oura Ring

I have heard wonderful things about the Amazing Oura Ring for a long time. If you care about your health, and if you want to track HRV — Heart Rate Variability while you sleep — then one of the only consumer-facing items you can add to your health assault arsenal is, the Oura Ring! Yes, the Oura Ring gives you rungs of an aura of invincibility because you begin to learn things about the way your body operates — especially while you’re sleeping — that others, without the ring, cannot know. The Oura Ring has a battery, is Bluetooth enabled, and it communicates with your iPhone to update your Apple Health vitals — and it does all this via three LEDs in the ring that read your heart rate, movement, and temperature.

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Nothing Good Under the Sun

The sun is not good for you.  At one time, maybe twenty or thirty years ago, a tan was stylish and chipper.  No longer.  Sun on your skin is your enemy and the enemy of your children and your pets.  You must fight the sun to the death before the sun kills you first.  Several years ago I had a red mark under my left eye.

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