Freedom Ends in Drought and People Dying of Thirst

We have a severe and dangerous water problem in the Unites States.  We’re running out of that liquid gold and there’s no way to replace what we’re using at the rate we’re using it.  We can live without oil or natural gas or electricity.  We cannot survive a week without water.

Sure, we lived through the Dust Bowl Days and the horrific droughts of the 1930’s — but that didn’t stop us from building cities in the middle of the desert and the lack of such a precious resource didn’t stop us from planting tons of trees and lots of agriculture that our water tables could not naturally support.  Now, we’re not only in danger of growing fewer crops, we’re tempting the death of our Empire in total loss swaths of our nation as water wells and aquifers naturally dry up and die. Continue reading → Freedom Ends in Drought and People Dying of Thirst

Water Intoxication and the Deadly Slake

We have been taught to drink a lot of water. Some people drink 64 fl oz. – or two liters — of water a day. Are eight 8 oz. glasses of water too much or just enough?
Our bodies need water and salt. If we drink too much water too rapidly we risk diluting our salt content and putting ourselves in a state of hyponatraemia — a loss of enough salt in the blood — and that can lead to heart trouble and brain malfunction. 

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