Renaming the Slaughterhouse: How to Kill a Chicken

We know how to kill a man — but what is the best way to kill a chicken?  Break its neck?  A shot to the back of the head?  A sharp knife to the throat?  Electric shock?  Gassing?

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Midwestern Muslims and Iowa Immigration

Yesterday, we investigated the failure of Nebraska’s fiftieth out of fifty Safe Haven law to protect teenagers from dumping by misbegotten parents.  Today, we learn about another Midwestern mudfest flinging scorn and rage against Somali Muslims who wish to say evening prayers during work hours at a Grand Island, Nebraska meatpacking plant.  So far 86 people have been fired in this face off between commerce and religion.

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Slaughterhouse Publishing

Allow me a moment to discuss the business of computer book publishing with you. It’s a fascinating business, an extremely profitable business, and a business that is in desperate need of a re-alignment of purpose and thought because some computer book publishers are short-shafting their readers. If you’re thinking of writing a computer book, read on. If you’re thinking of buying a computer book, you definitely need to read on…

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