Aura Rungs of the Oura Ring

I have heard wonderful things about the Amazing Oura Ring for a long time. If you care about your health, and if you want to track HRV — Heart Rate Variability while you sleep — then one of the only consumer-facing items you can add to your health assault arsenal is, the Oura Ring! Yes, the Oura Ring gives you rungs of an aura of invincibility because you begin to learn things about the way your body operates — especially while you’re sleeping — that others, without the ring, cannot know. The Oura Ring has a battery, is Bluetooth enabled, and it communicates with your iPhone to update your Apple Health vitals — and it does all this via three LEDs in the ring that read your heart rate, movement, and temperature.

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Transitioning to a Toddler Bed

When we were looking at purchasing a crib for our fantastically wonderful son, Chaim Yosef, there were a number of options that presented themselves to us. The one we decided to choose was that of a crib that could be changed in a few steps to a toddler bed and then eventually a normal bed in which he will sleep for most of his childhood until he eventually outgrows it. The corresponding mattress has two sides — one for the infant period and the other for the toddler and young child period. The infant side is firm whereas the other side is softer. A firm side is needed for infants to prevent sudden infant death syndrome, which is often caused by suffocating on a too soft surface.

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Hard to Sleep: Ten Sentence Story #157

Although Jerald and his wife traditionally went to bed at the same time, on one particular evening Jerald had been staring at the alarm clock for nearly an hour now, and though time kept on going by he was having an impossible time falling asleep.

He was really hoping that if he just lay there long enough, that sleep would eventually overcome him and he could get some rest for his weary body.

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One of The Most Difficult Things I Have Ever Had to Do: Ten Sentence Story #140

This is a true story about one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do in my life.

For months, my wife and I had a routine — I would rock Chaim Yosef to sleep and then put him down in our bed.

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Protect Your Heart by Sleeping a Lot

If you have high blood pressure, you have a simple way to help make your heart feel better:  Sleep a Lot!

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Compromise About A Crying Baby

It’s two in the morning and my son is crying. I stir a little bit and turn to my right and notice that my wife, Elizabeth, is not there next to me and that our son is in his bassinet, possibly the reason he is crying. My wife has chosen to commit the crime of needing to use the facilities. I get up and quickly pick up young Chaim Yosi and cradle him in my arms, rocking him gently until he falls back asleep. I know that he will do better in the arms of his mother — not just because I’m afraid of rolling around wildly in my sleep. I ultimately get back to sleep and wake up, refreshed. This beautiful scenario is not always how things have been in our happy home.

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Napping Makes You Smarter

We are big supporters of the power nap.  We know sleep heals.  We believe you can make up on missed sleep even if it kills you.

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