On Being Clever

I am sure the word “clever” is insulting and derogatory to some people — they would “rather be good” than be clever.  I was one of them until I read this, mostly because “being good” sounded more pleasant than “being clever” and there is no one on this earth who would like to be known as “nice” than “shrewd. It’s not even possible to use the word “clever” as simple praise without being sarcastic or down right abusive.

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Facebook Platitudes, Jokes and Smart Things

Facebook can be a fascinating space.  Facebook can also be a bore.  I am always disappointed by friends who post wall updates that are copied and pasted from other sources.

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You Look Smart: Bending Compliments for Political Gain

There are those alive in the world that seek to find personal insult in any utterance and a deep wounding in every gesture or glance.  Those brittle people only feel better in playing the system to punish those that they believe have punctured them.

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Beware the Proclaimed Genius

If genius is born in collective ciphers then we need to be wary of those who proclaim their solitary and self-important Genius.

The Self-Indulgent Genius is a warning sign that kowtowing and deference are expected in any exchange of memes or communicative dyads — and to not show deference is to be scorned and mocked and wanted smaller.

When Genius is dealt to you — respect it and honor it and keep it quiet unless and until it is discovered by others — and always run from those who foretell their own place in history by trumpeting a quiet gift.