Social Networking and Social Justice Meet in Jumo

We know well the effect that social sites such as Twitter have had on us — bringing us together in times of crisis and helping us find jobs — but where are the web sites that bring us together for the good of social justice?  Enter Jumo.

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Reflections on Social Justice

by Andreas Saugstad

When I started my academic journey I was a pretty self-centered young man. Not that I did much evil, I started to study because I loved academics and wanted to pursue philosophy – the search for truth and wisdom. I come from an academic background, and have for many years enjoyed the university world. When I, after three semesters, entered the philosophical community in Oslo, I was thrilled. We had many discussions, we read some of the greatest texts in the history of thinking, and I was captured by questions relating to the nature of knowledge, language and metaphysics.

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