Network Solutions Confesses

I realize the past couple of weeks have heavily dealt with blog entries here about technical issues that concern my web hosting move from LunarPages to Network Solutions.

Forgive me for another entry in that vein, but I need to share an update with you about the slow database interaction between this blog and Network Solution’s implementation of MySQL (pronounced “My S-Q-L” and not “My Sequel” — “Sequel” is the name of an IBM database — so we shouldn’t confuse the two even though hardcore engineers love to slang it up with the “Sequel” mispronunciation; just because it’s convenient doesn’t mean it’s correct.

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Network Solutions Site Confirm Seal

Well, sometimes the David wins against the Goliath.
In this case, I am the David and the Goliath is the 800-pound-internet-gorilla-Black Monolith-Evil-Empire Network Solutions SSL Certificates Verification Department.
As you may remember in my NTIA Revokes NeuStar Private .US Domain Registrations article, I provided an update on my dealings with Network Solutions and my new hosting agreement with them in a comment to my own post:

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Intranet Solution for the Health Insurance Industry

by Jim Roach & Jon Sund

March 5, 1998


We want to express a special thanks to Stephen Lankton, MSW, DAHB, for his behavioral science analysis, input regarding the interface design, and his review and comments.


This paper assumes that the reader is acquainted with the following terms:

World Wide Web (WWW), Internet / Intranet
Portable Document Format (PDF) from Adobe
Media Independent Publishing

Media independent publishing provides for the delivery of knowledge to the point of need in the media that suites the requester. This can be accomplished through a number of way:

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